KISMET's philosophy is deeply grounded in their beliefs of fairness and equality, and the power of inspiration and friendship.  Their manufacturers are small businesses of high quality and social standards.  The modal they use for their feminine and flattering styles is produced by Lenzing yarns, which guarantees best quality, a natural source and a sustainable production.  For leggings and bras, they selected carefully recycled Polyester in a very high and soft quality.  Their comfortable and fashionable men’s wear is sustainable produced in a cotton-modal-mix.

Kismet Yoga Fashion stands for sustainability and quality.  Their recycled polyester is made from yarn from Newlife – recycled PET bottles are the raw material for the polyester yarn.  The yarn is produced in a mechanical process and already dyed during spinning.  This also saves 10 liters of water per kilo of yarn compared to conventional dyeing.  Their products are an active contribution to sustainable textile production and the protection of the environment.  They want you to enjoy your clothing for a long time, and that too is lived sustainability!  “Consistent” spares resources and reduces the amount of waste.